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National Day of Prayer 2019

Updated: May 6, 2019

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While thousands of National Day of Prayer (NDOP) leaders all around our nation are preparing to pray on NDOP (May 2,2019) at churches and local governmental seats, we have chosen to have pre-NDOP prayer events at schools.

This year on the day after St. Patrick's Day, a prayer movement based out of Arizona State University, called LoveASU, started 31 days of prayer for and on the ASU Tempe campus. In alignment with their prayer effort which started in mid-March and extended through the end of April, we prayerfully decided to start praying on college campuses during the days leading up to the NDOP, which takes place annually on the 1st Thursday of May per presidential decree.

In the past, we have only prayed on school campuses for NDOP on the appointed day. But God reminded us that for over 5 years, He has directed us to pray at churches for NDOP on the Sunday before NDOP (NDOP Sunday). From the very beginning, we have also felt led to participate in citywide prayer and worship rallies on college campuses on the Saturday after NDOP. So, we joined LoveASU in prayer on their ASU Tempe campus and then on to some of the other ASU campuses starting on April 8th. We will continue to pray on as many college campuses as possible leading up to NDOP.

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